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heroesdressing's Journal

Heroes Dressing Room RP
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Anybody , Moderated
A dressing room is a free-for-all roleplay community that requires no application process. It doesn't matter whether you already play the character at another game or if you want to try your hands at them before applying somewhere, all NBC Heroes characters are welcome here! It's also an ideal place for people who don't have enough time/energy to dedicate to a formal roleplay, not to mention for meeting new people and having all sorts of crazy roleplay antics.

● Drama/wank of any kind will not be tolerated. If you have problems with someone please discuss it privately or contact the mod about it.
● Expect to see multiples of characters and AU versions, this is where half the fun of a dressing room comes from, after all. And of course, remember that different people are bound to have different interpretations of the same character.
● Likewise, remember that there is a line between IC and OOC behaviour. If someone's character insults yours it doesn't mean the mun hates you. Again, if there's any problems with this, please take it to one the mods.
● No godmodding. This can be anything from mind reading to killing off someone else's character without their consent. Communication is key.
● Feel free to watch the community with your personal LJ but only join it with your character LJ. Makes things simpler for everyone.
● The most important of all, HAVE FUN!

Your friendly neighborhood mods are emogivesuwings and makesyoutick and they can be contacted for any issues/questions/comments via LJ PM, this topic right here, or at inupr0n[@]gmail.com!

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